Supporting our Public Schools

Over 150 years of Masonry in the Rockridge district of Oakland.

We support local public school community fundraising

For almost a decade we have supported the Piedmont Avenue Elementary School Dad’s Club in their fundraising for the Piedmont Avenue Elementary School. We sponsor a pancake breakfast and donate the labor, space and food for the event. The Dad’s Club sells tickets and the money is used to support various school programs.

We support public school music programs

We have supported two music programs at two different public schools. These programs probably would not exist without our support. Our donation maintains the musical instruments that are essential for a music program. We are proud of our support for music in our public schools.

We support public school reading programs

Students cannot read without books. For years we have donated to the Raise the Reader program with our donations staying in the Oakland Public Schools. Our donations have funded books for many elementary school classes in Oakland.

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Covid-19 Update

Stated meetings and any special meetings will be held virtually.  Social events will also be held virtually.